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About Me

Hi and welcome!

   My real name is Syafiq and my online name is Haru. Currently studying for a CS Degree. I spend my free time by learning Front End Dev stuff and creating fansubs for seiyuu content.

BTW I'm actually inside this picture. (^・ω・^ )

Subbed Videos

Below are the videos I've subbed to English.

Yukichi Voices a Brush

Latest Video

Amita Becomes a Zombie

Oct 30

Roselia on TV Part 2

Oct 19

Roselia on TV Part 1

Oct 14

Bandori Cafe 9% Tax

Oct 3

Aimi and Amita Bond Test

Sep 19

Japanese Wordplay

Sep 26

Aimi teaches how to Janken

Aug 15

YukiMegu Mario Kart

Aug 10

My Interests

Bandori! I think it's awesome how their seiyuu's are able to perform live while roleplaying as their characters.

Hover your mouse below to reveal their VA's.

Hikawa Sayo
Haruka Kudou
Udagawa Ako
Sakuragawa Megu
Minato Yukina
Aiba Aina
Imai Lisa
Nakashima Yuki
Shirokane Rinko
Shizaki Kanon